Branded Payment Market 2022 – Segments Analysis, Industry Trends, Manufacturers Analysis, Opportunities and Market Size & Forecast 2030

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Branded payment means any material or digital name, term, sign, symbol, or combination of them, capable of denoting under which payment card scheme card-based payment transactions are carried out. Payment brand means Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, and any similar payment brands. Branded payments are a form of alternate payment method. You might be already using branded payments in forms like gift cards or prepaid payment cards. As you might have observed, branded payments are prepaid with a specific limit. Branded payment market is segmented into product type, distribution channel, and by region. Some factor that affects the market positively is controlling spending this feature help the consumer to spend limited on a certain product and providing privacy to the consumer help in lowering the risk and danger of online fraud.

Growth Drivers:-

The primary factor responsible for the increase in the growth of the branded paymentmarket is in a world that is fast moving into the digital world, the prepaid mechanism lends itself to a way of new methods to stay connected, engage with companies, and make digital payments. Branded payments, in all of their varied forms, are here to stay, providing consumers with a range of benefits and enabling them to spend their money however they see fit. This factor is responsible for the increase in the growth of the branded payment market globally.

Additionally, by controlling the balance stored on branded payments such as a gift card, prepaid card, or mobile top-up, consumers don’t have to risk spending more money than they’ve allocated — if their usage goes beyond what they planned or if they forget to cancel a subscription, the money at risk is limited to what’s on the branded payment and their loss of funds is minimal. This factor is responsible to drive the branded payment market globally.

Moreover, branded payments put the control back in the customer’s hands by giving them the freedom to use anonymous data when making purchases online. Using gift cards or prepaid payment cards as a financial source across multiple touch points, they can make bona fide financial transactions with minimal risk for fraud or data leaks — all without handing over their credit card details, date of birth, full name, or any other personal information.

Branded payment market shows a positive sign in the pandemic as people are ordering things online and the payment method has shifted from offline or cash to cashless and online mode. This also changes people’s habit of keeping paper money now people are using more digital payment rather than cash payment.

Moreover, increasing online fraud restrain the market to grow in the forecast period as a number of people using the internet continue to increase and internet usage expands and cyber-criminal techniques become more sophisticated.

Branded Payment Market Key News:- announces partnership with Primer on 5/4/2022, the European leader in online consumer-branded payments, has selected Primer to unify and scale its payment stack for its mobile and e-gift cards. The firm also plans to develop a new super app, where users can easily shop and pay for a variety of goods and services within one app. announces $35 million funding round on 21/9/2021 closed a $35 million Series B round of funding led by new investor Smart Fin and existing investors Prime Ventures and Kreos Capital. The new investment, one of the largest into a Dutch startup this year, will enable the company to further accelerate its ambitious global expansion.Recharge’s funding announcement coincides with a boom in the branded payments market, which is estimated to be worth $3+ trillion today rising to $5 trillion in 2025.

Visa acquisition of Tink on 3/10/2022

Visa announced the acquisition of Tink – an open banking platform that enables financial institutions, fintech, and merchants to build financial products and services and move money. Through a single API, Tink enables its customers to move money, access aggregated financial data, and use smart financial services such as risk insights and account verification.

MasterCard acquisition of Aiia on 7/9/2021

MasterCard announced the acquisition of Aiia, a leading European open banking technology provider offering a direct connection to banks through a single API, allowing its customers to develop and launch new digital solutions that meet the needs of everyday life, work, and play.

PayPal acquisition of Paidy on 7/9/2021

PayPal announced the acquisition of Paidy, a leading two-sided payment platform and provider of buy now, pay later solutions in Japan, for US$2.7 billion, principally in cash. The acquisition will expand PayPal’s capabilities, distribution, and relevance in the domestic payment market in Japan, the third-largest e-commerce market in the world, complementing the company’s existing cross-border e-commerce business in the country

Branded Payment Market Segmentation:-

By Product Type:-

·         Recharge

·         Gift Card

·         Shopping Card

·         Prepaid Credit Card

·         Bill Payment

·         Others

By distribution channel type:-

·         Online Store

·         Offline Store

By region:-

·         North America

·         Europe

·         Asia Pacific

·         Latin America

·         Middle East & Africa

Based ondistribution channel type, online stores hold most of the market share in the branded payment market globally.An increase in e-commerce activity across the globe, an increasing number of people using the internet, and features like tracking the gift card and knowing when it is redeemed are some factors that make online mode a leading market segment.

Based on the product type, a gift card is a key product in this segment compared with other products.A rise in the adoption of advanced technologies in the payment sector and surge in awareness of digital payment, and an increase in the adoption of gift cards by corporate offices and financial institutions. These are some factors that drive the branded payment market positively.

Based on region type, North America is the leading market player across other regionsbecause of some factors that were increasing focus on the use of cashless payment methods, preventing the loss of personal information, and lowering the danger of online fraud. These factors will increase the growth of branded payment market in the North Americanregion, and the contribution of emerging economies like the USA and Canada make North America the leading region across the globe.

Key Market Players in Branded Payment Market:-




·         MasterCard

·         Visa


·         American Express

·         PayPal

·         Due

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